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Generic Domains

The number of people sifting through information on the Internet, seaching for products and services is increasing. One way to increase your chances of catching one of those potential customers is to have a relevant domain name - something that's going to persist in the user's mind from transaction to transaction.

Generic domain names really open up such marketing opportunities - you can place your URL on the back of a vehicle, or as a tag line in an ad, and not need to say anything else.

If anyone wants to corner their niche then there is no doubt that owning the generic domain is the key.

Some people balk at paying for a great domain - and don't understand it's actually the key to their marketing. Where else can you make such a small investment and get such return? Instead many use hyphenated monstrosities, or come up with a poor substitute. How much does it cost to have clients remember those names?

With a good generic you don't have that cost.

A good generic domain name is an important investment that can bring a website more visitors, leads and sales by driving recognition and recall of a company's web address, building online credibility and market presence.


Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Limited trades in, and independently catches high quality generic .co.uk domains - mostly caught as they are released by Nominet - when prior users have finished with them.

A small selection of our available domains:

outwit.co.uk | theta.co.uk | bacchus.co.uk | fleetlease.co.uk | beh.co.uk | eloquence.co.uk | pme.co.uk |

...and of domains we've provided for our Customers in the past:

arnold.co.uk | ranger.co.uk | magellan.co.uk | mjr.co.uk | duvets.co.uk | advertiser.co.uk | ready.co.uk | guild.co.uk | cascade.co.uk | laser.co.uk | rand.co.uk | hummingbird.co.uk | objective.co.uk | msp.co.uk | results.co.uk | rapide.co.uk | aegis.co.uk | jodhpurs.co.uk | whistleblower.co.uk | gecko.co.uk | cassini.co.uk | homereports.co.uk

...just fill in the form and ask for a pricelist to get your new memorable domain name and zero your marketing costs...